South Korean Women Compete for Elite Government Positions

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Current Events
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Seoul Business

A select group of South Korea’s most promising young ladies are being considered for some of the country’s top positions. For the first time in the nation’s history, women will have the opportunity to work directly alongside their male counterparts as they deal with the countries intricate daily workings.

Korean press secretary, Park Dae-Hyun, is optimistic about his country’s forward thinking policies and proud to have been appointed to the selection committee. “Women have always been valued as essential to our culture,” he stated, “and now we are realizing that they can be more than things to make us babies and satisfy our desires. They can be static fixtures in our offices and aid in our unified goal of constant improvement.”

A total of thirty positions are being made available and will range in salary from W90,000,000 to W175,000,000. “As you can see,” Mr. Park told us, “these are some of the best jobs available to women anywhere in the world. All of these positions will be directly under, or even sometimes above, the most powerful and influential men in our country – in the world!”

“While the competition is expected to be intense,” Mr. Park explained, “we are encouraging all qualified women to apply.”

Korea’s official website (translated into English) cited the qualifications as follows:

* Between 18 and 24 years of age

* Weighing no more thatn 43 kilograms (95 pounds)

* An ability to work in very high heels

* Possessing an affable and passive nature

* The ability to speak at least two languages (not including Korean)

* A willingness to keep a secret at all costs

* Academic and professional qualifications specific to the job will be considered in the event of a tie

Before we had a chance to ask him, Mr. Park explained why such professional and elite positions would have such physical requirements. “These are some of the most powerful positions in our country. How could we entrust them to women that are unwilling or incapable of maintaining themselves in a decent manner? Our country deserves and demands the highest standards from all of its employees.”

The appointment committee will be composed of two-hundred and seventy-three current government employees, and will give each of the committee members an opportunity to interview all of the applicants in person, one at a time and in a place of his choosing. “We want our committee members to be intimately acquainted with all of the applicants so as best to be able to judge their characters and personal qualities.”

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