Study Links Erectile Dysfunction and the Quantity of Barber Poles in Korean Communities

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Culture
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A recent study conducted by the Bayer Corporation, the producer of the erectile dysfunction drug Levitra, has concluded that Korean men are the world’s most selfish in bed, which as a result has produced more late night dirty massage parlors in Korea. The survey compared the “vitalsexual” tendencies of 8, 5000 men in 12 countries. The term “vitalsexual” was coined in a study called “Sex and the Modern Man,” in which the term is used to describe middle-aged men who still value a healthy sex life and are willing to take erectile producing drugs if so needed.

The survey, which was implemented in 12 different countries, asked if they thought their partner’s satisfaction was an important factor in their sex life. Out of all twelve countries Korean ranked last, with only 87% saying that their partner’s satisfaction was of any significance (

The survey also asked, “Is it essential to take a partner’s satisfaction into consideration when having sex?” 60 percent of German respondents said yes, placing the country in the first place, ahead of Brazilians (59 percent), Spain (56 percent) and Mexico (46 percent). But only 30 percent of Korean men thought their partner’s satisfaction was important enough to be labeled essential (

A study done later by a nonprofit organization that promotes extramarital sex, “We Love you Short Time,” linked the communities that were surveyed in Korea by Bayer and the number of double barber pole massage parlors in the surrounding areas. The study surprisingly found that the areas in which men placed little importance on partner satisfaction were saturated with dual barber pole establishments.

Baek Bo-Bae of Gangnam was interviewed after she was told by several neighbors that her husband frequents “barber pole alley.” When asked her thoughts on her husband going astray she stated, “I do not care, he sucks in bed. I told him to go, I feel bad for the poor prostitute.”

Lee Ha-Neul of Suseo stated a need for more Red Hot Model Bars within communities infected with sexually untalented Korean males. “We need to be satisfied; maybe they could find some German “models” to satisfy us women in these establishments.”

Dirty massage parlor owners around Korea, though, are taking advantage of the boost in sales by launching a huge ad campaign titled, “Selfish sex – Just do it quickly – You have to be at work in two hours.”

Bayer Study Link

  1. Non-Russian says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I have been reading your posts and I find them absolutely hilarious…especially this one!!! I think I must become a follower of the “Dong Chim” blog. I look forward to reading more. ^^

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